Wednesday, September 7, 2016

6 Beautiful and Awesome Free Blogger Templates With SEO for 2016

Blogger / Blogspot is a platform configuration impressive, popular and easy blogging. Blogger is owned by Google.

Blogger is free, no registration fee is required. It is nice for those wishing to start a blogging career but lack of money and resources to start a platform for self-hosted blog.

In one of my recent post, I shared some advantages to using Blogger to give next Bloggers some tips on how to use Blogger blogging platform can help.

Today, I have compiled a list of impressive 6 free templates for Blogger to create a new blog with Blogger.
SEO for 2016
6 Free Blogger Templates SEO for 2016

Johnny Jazztube Free Blogger Template

FixedBee Free Blogger Template

Elite Minima Free Blogger Template

Catalogspot K2 E-Commerce Free Blogger Template

Minimum Responsive Blogger Template

Videoism Responsive Blogger Template

There are many high quality free blogger template out there, but here are some models to start.




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