Wednesday, September 7, 2016

# 7 IPhone Launch: China no hurry to get past Apple

SHANGHAI / BEIJING: Judging by the online chat volume, there is less noise in China before the scheduled release this week of the new
Apple iPhone, and people in the street say they are more likely to "wait and see" what the latest deals on devices that operate on buying.

Messages on the microblogging site Sina Weibo of China show that the iPhone 6, which has taken China by storm in 2014 with its new screen, bigger, attracted about 15 times more comments in the months before the release of the model this year.
Anticipating online silenced for iPhone 7 highlights the Apple faces challenge revive growth in China, where an economic slowdown slammed the brakes on what was once touted as the engine of the next great growth of the company.

Sales in Greater China of Apple fell by a third between April and June, but after more than double the previous year, while revenues fell by more than a quarter to $ 8800000000000 - about a fifth of total sales. Its share of 7.8 percent of the market ranked fifth in China behind local vendors Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, OPPO, Vivo, which together accounted for 47 percent, according to IDC.
online shopping company based in California iBooks and movies also closed in China after Beijing imposed strict restrictions on the publication in March online, and Apple was on the losing side of battles intellectual property here.
student of Beijing Wang Yue, 23, said she was in no hurry to buy an iPhone 7. "I'm looking forward to the launch, but I will not rush to buy anything," Wang, who uses iPhone 6S, launched last year, he told Reuters. "I want to know what new features it has. My feeling is that there are no major real change 6S, so I think I'll hold for a while. "
Apple is widely expected to unveil the new iPhone in July at an event in San Francisco Wednesday. The company, which does not give a regional breakdown of sales for the iPhone, did not respond to requests for comment.
Between half a dozen consumers spoke to Reuters said they first check the features of the new phone or wait for the price to drop. Only a definitely planned to buy a new model.
"The consumer is word the changes will not be revolutionary, but small changes," said Ben Cavender, director of Shanghai in China Market Research Group, who described the interest of consumers today in China as "chopped off".
More than anything else, the iPhone 7 may be a victim of the success of the iPhone 6.
China sales rose 6 iPhone in the first quarter of last year, contributing to lower Apple's revenue in China of 71 percent. A year later, the 6S of weaker sales contributed to the first global drop in sales and fall of the first iPhone income of the company in 13 years - but overall the 6S was the most sold in the phone Intelligent April to June, according to strategy Analytics.
The research firm estimates iPhone shipments in China will be reduced by 20 percent in the second half of this year to 21 million a year ago.
"Apple is struggling with fatigue iPhone" consumers in China, while competition from Huawei, Oppo and other remains fierce, "said Strategy Analytics analyst Neil Mawston.
Weibo speak to the pre-launch period of the iPhone 7, however, exceeded the levels seen before the release 6S last year.
Some Chinese buyers are even considered as a potential model of iPhone that 8 could be released with the biggest changes next year, the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone.
"Because it is only a year, many people choose to wait for the iPhone 8," said Wang Bo, a thirty-year funding worker in a securities company in Shanghai. "Changes to 8 will be much more, I think it will be a brake on sales of the new phone this year."
Wang, who uses both an iPhone 6S and P9 Huawei has said it plans to buy the new iPhone this year when it comes to market in China.
But other convincing buyers in China - and the US - to replace your smart phone is more difficult to sell today than in 2014, while many Chinese are buying an iPhone for the first time.
Concerns that Apple hit "pico iPhone" shook the shares of the company this year, with the price to the fair share of 2.35 percent, quite the benchmark S & P 500.
"The most important thing that has changed since 2014 is that the iPhone is widely available," said Ben Thompson, who analyzes the technology sector in Stratechery. "There is much growth potential when people the first opportunity to buy an iPhone, but that potential has been realized. "




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