Tuesday, September 6, 2016

AT & T launches New own Galaxy exchange program plagued by note 7

A number of mobile phone companies are already taking advantage of the misfortune that has recently fallen Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and with them, they are the introduction of certain types of transactions that despite being beneficial for the client it would be better for them too.

The likes of T-Mobile started this trend when they offered customers the opportunity to return the smartphone, get a refund, then use it to themselves another smartphone. After that, Sprint has tried to do better by offering people can exchange their units for a new issue until the explosions and battery failures being fixed. Not wanting to be outdone in part, AT & T also started his own promotion.

List of reasons for the program, customers for safety reasons, AT & T offered can now return their smartphones and have the opportunity to take another device to change it. Similarly, the accessories were purchased with each unit can be converted back into a retreat to promote a better offer.

So far, we do not know that Verizon will stop taking all we have to do now is simply expect things to heat tomorrow.




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