Tuesday, September 6, 2016

BLAZING: Latest Etisalat free browsing Psiphon VPN setup-August 2016

Go Etisalat Another tip free navigation burned because I know that many are experiencing at this time, but this is strictly for those who do not know at all.


• Your mobile phone.
• The SIM card
• Your time.
• DOWNLOAD: Last Psiphon.apk

With the above, you are good to go. But I want to look this as a warning! Do not change your default Etisalat. Not to be handled should be.

APN: Etisalat
Username: Empty
Password: Empty

Settings For Etisalat Free Browsing Via Psiphon

• After the VPN Download Psiphon Now you can continue with the following steps.

• Now start PSIPHON this Handler.In menu manager: Delete Port
Proxy Type: Real Host
proxy server: http://ent.nxtfwd.com/s/d/ etisalat_ng openmodal #
Type of real proxy: HTTP in another list
Port 80
Actual type Proxy: Default

Click entire device tunnel select the menu option, select US region touching Goto more options configuration and disable the HTTP proxy connections go to the main menu, click Start and fire any application or browser.

You are limited only 60MnB but it shows you how you can work around this limit has been assigned to you, all you have to do is follow my next procedure.

How to replace the limit of 60 MB

He immediately stopped working, to continue sailing with Psiphon, Psiphone course, you're your data and cache data in usageThen replace your proxy server with the following.

nxtfwd.coms /
detisalat_ng # closenxtfwd.coms /
detisalat_ng # closemodalnxtfwd.coms /
detisalat_ng # opennxtfwd.coms /
detisalat_ng # openmodal

If you use this new Psiphon VPN or other configuration, make sure you set as follows.

Real proxy type: Inject
Real proxy Port 3128

Check the above settings and drop feedback we can see if it works for you




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