Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Chrome OS seems to be winning fingerprint sensor bracket

Google Chrome OS is already set to receive a major upgrade when they get Android applications later this year, and now it seems that the future could be built Chromebooks with fingerprint scanners also include, for added security.

A new commitment in chromium deposits shows that Google is experimenting fingerprint sensors in Chrome OS. Of course, this is not Google to deploy fingerprint scanners in future Chromebooks, but begins to look more likely.

The most obvious application would be to unlock and logoff on the Chromebook. The function can also play nicely with Android applications that use fingerprint scanners to authenticate, and perhaps Google has plans to support fingerprint authentication for website too. Google has recently added an optional PIN Unblocking Chrome OS developer channel, so that the new security features seem to be on the road.

Since fingerprint scanners are now commonly found integrated into smart phones and even the average cell range certainly makes sense for the Chromebook to provide competitive security option. We should make use of a fingerprint scanner on a Chromebook?




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