Saturday, September 10, 2016

Glo 0.0K unlimited downloads, Browsing On September Using the Mini Handler UC

Hey, the Glo subscribers in the building. An alternative to the stubborn Glo Tweak happened. In this post, I will design the disadvantages and advantages of this tip. This tip is open to perfection.

Advantages of the last Glo unlimited navigation trick with UCMini Handler

1 is unlimited

2. Can be used to upload, browse and watch videos using UCMini

3. Disconnection Less


The problem with this trick is that it works with all applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Playstore, Instgram etc, but it works perfectly for unlimited downloads, streaming and navigate using UCMini.


1. The balance of your account must be 0.0K (127 Payu Send to empty your account)

2. UCMini Handler (Download here)

3. A strong 3G network and your Android device.

APN settings for Glo 0.0K navigation Unlimted UCMini

Do not just leave a camera, for example,

1. Glosecure

2. Glounlimitedzone

3. Gloflat

Now open and configure Handler UCMini follows



Ticks Remove Port

Head Type: Actual host

Host Header:

Then tap Save.

Which gave me

The Glo 0.0 Tweak does not download large files sometimes. But no worries you exit, just follow the process below

1. Visit in UCMini

2. Copy and paste the file download link you are trying to download

3. And click Start

Please note: The web page the name of the file that you download .php is changed, change its name to the format of what you download.

We hope you enjoy this

happy navigation




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