Thursday, September 8, 2016

Google Maps adds Lyft is Gett ride sharing options - Uber should be worried?

Uber is considered the king of carpooling in the United States by many. Why is it? There are many factors that can, but ultimately, your brand received a boost at the start. There is a definite name recognition and marketing company keeps the brand in the minds of consumers. In other words, "Uber" is riding the exchange of "Band-Aid" is the bands. Many people do not consider alternatives.

But if consumers are not to be aware of the alternatives? And if you mark several options presented - including prices - with Uber? It would not be good for Uber. There would be very visible alternatives - with potentially lower prices - that could take business leader said. Today, Google Maps is gradually allowing the same by extending their initial choice to mount the action, with the addition of some important decisions on finding a ride - Lyft across the country, and Gett in New York. While Uber should concern, consumers should be absolutely delighted.

"Back in March, we introduced a new way for people to find and compare the fastest ways to get around the city by adding a new tab walking services in the search address in Google Maps ways . Today we are adding two other partners in the United States, and Lyft Gett. Now, Google Maps displays 9 transported partners options share in more than 60 countries, enabling comparison, more affordable travel faster near you, without having to download and open multiple applications, "said Sara Torti, Senior Product Manager, Google Maps.

Torti said later, "he says he is seeking from the first line of Times Square in Manhattan. In writing these locations in Google Maps, you'll see a tab automotive services listed along, public transport and walking walking instructions by clicking on the icon and find estimates of rates and tee times multiple on foot service partners, depending on the availability of driver also show different types of services offered by each partner - for example .. lyft can also view lyft line options for a ride. "

Why do I suggest that this could be a great benefit for consumers? While it is obvious that helps them find the most profitable car sharing option, there is a much greater potential over - competition. By showing side by side prices, companies may be forced to lower their prices to compete. Ultimately, consumers could see lower prices in general in all areas. Google should be applauded to expand the options.

Are you excited about this new feature of Google Maps? You select alternatives for Uber when you save money? Tell me in the comments.




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