Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Google to ditch the Nexus naming in new smartphone to use naming system instead of Pixel

We-have here listening and reporting for Some Time, It Seems That Google is ready to abandon the Nexus name and marking system on Their smartphones from now and feel like Reviews another story out of water to get the traffic and all.

Another postponement cam from India-even to think That as the market Gives a broad base of carrier for Android phones, the next Nexus smartphone line Could Be Directly named Google. Well, for now, the only information That Is true Is That Would Reduce the Nexus really nomenclature and the use of a brand new line from now.

Claims That Emerged from the Android Police team, HTC pilgrim with 5.0 inch screen Would now up and Pix7el biggest Marlin That HAS 5.5-inch screen, "the name of Pixel Version Would XL.

In addition to the name change, the report aussi Indicated That advertising, Google might try to sell smartphones thesis as the first devices Were made by Google. This Could mean que la World's Largest Search Engine is try trying to make Itself on your phones from now.




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