Friday, September 9, 2016

Google updates its transparency report for the copyrighted material removal

Google Regular reporting transparency are interesting for those who have an interest in the management of the company read. And reveal how Google responds to government requests for data, also show how it treats the withdrawal requests of copyright.

Now the company has updated its reports for the data easier to read and easier to interpret. It also displays information about the sites and companies involved in the transfer.

In the last section of the Transparency Report of copyright, Google now gives examples of removal requests it receives. This is similar to how the government's request for the information is presented. There is also a detailed explanation of how the application process works and removal.

The latest report introduces a new Crawl data used to search through the extensive database of referral requests.

Google said:

Reports Transparency is an important way to shed light on the policies and actions of governments and businesses, and how they affect the privacy, security and the flow of information online. We always exploring new ways to explain the political and legal process and continue to add new examples and new data in our reports.




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