Tuesday, September 6, 2016

How to fix the battery draining Bluetooth in Android Nougat

Android 7.0 Nougat is a large and sophisticated Android operating system, but that does not mean that the operating system is a free software error. As a number of recent reports (complaints precisely) shouted by XDA forum users and other places to the problem of discharge of the battery Nougat Bluetooth Android (7.0).

The condition is the battery power loss device so fast that users find it so disturbing. It is therefore not surprising that some of them want to reduce your operating system to the marshmallow.

So far there is no official solution published by Google, but I think the company is aware of the situation. But fortunately, a member of XDA know spencersir2 comes with the explanation and solution.

He explained about the discharge of the battery Bluetooth is not caused by the same issue of the Bluetooth antenna, but the culprit is because doze fashion Nougat not optimize the Bluetooth connection correctly. Following cause the battery to drain quickly during the broadcast or share content using Bluetooth.

Spenecirsir2 and also share tips for coping with Bluetooth battery discharge Nougat insects all use to solve the problem. You are invited to use their tricks than current solutions and temporarily before Google released the update in the future.

How to fix the battery drain bug Nougat Bluetooth

1. Turn on the device, then go to Settings -> Battery.

2. Next, press Menu 3 points which is at the top right of the next corner of the screen, choose the battery optimization.

3. Click the dropdown menu to choose more All applications.

4. Now search and select the Bluetooth Action -> select Do not optimize -> Done.

5. A more each time optimizing disable other applications you use Bluetooth applications such as streaming music, etc.

6. Done.

Do you guys have managed to solve a Bluetooth Android Nougat drainage problem on your beloved device, congratulations.




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