Thursday, September 8, 2016

How to install Windows Media Center in Windows 10 last anniversary

Microsoft Windows Media Center dropped from Windows 10, citing "reduced use" as the reason, it is no longer available. Instead, the software giant released a DVD, but it was expensive and very basic.

Failure of Windows Media Center, and other alternatives like Kodi does not fill the space for you, the good news is that you can, with a bit of disappointment, install Windows Media Center in Windows 10.

My Digital Life forums came up with the goods. All you have to do is download Windows Media Center from any of these sources:



(These are the installers for WMC version 12 for Windows 10, and correct problems found in previous versions.)

Once done, follow these steps to install it:

 Extract the folder on the hard drive (should be stored on the system disk) and open it.
_TestRights.cmd Click and select Run as administrator.

Then Installer.cmd and click Run as administrator. (There is also an uninstaller here).

 Press any button to exit when prompted, then search Media Center.

 If not properly installed, restart your PC and repeat the process.

 You will find the application on Windows Accessories on the Start menu, but you can set the task bar if you need to access quickly.

I installed Windows Media Center in Windows 10 anniversary last level smooth and works well. If a decoder trying to play live TV, you may need to install the mistake of LAV filters obtained from here.




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