Monday, September 5, 2016

How to subscribe Airtel plane 100 GB, 20GB, 10GB With N300, N200 and N100, respectively

The airtel recent introduction of 10GB plan for N100, N200 20GB and 100GB hoot for only sustainable N300 for 25 days seems too good to be true and like a dream, but in fact is true and not a trap, because it is a social package, etisalat SocialMe like the plan, but works well with the mini-opera and applications other than the default applications supported.

Nevertheless, this data is officially designed to work in social applications such as 2go, Facebook, Twitter ... and can also be used without problems in the Opera Mini browser only. You can also download until you're tired, but limited to certain sites until you try to feed the Psiphon implementation ..

A subscription to one of the social plans airtel again

=> Make sure you have at least N100, N200 or N300 donated his line, according to the plan you want to subscribe.
=> Dial * 688 # on the phone
=> Reply with 1, 2 or 3 for either 10GB, 20GB or unlimited respectively plan.
=> You will receive a confirmation message later.
=> That's it.




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