Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Instagram is killing Photo maps because many of us do not use it

Remember Instagram photo cards. This is a striking feature of Instagram, which had a reputation for displaying images that were taken on the basis of where you took them. Instagram announced today that killing this function.

Twitter has even given confirmation that exercise has begun to withdraw the service cards. "Photos Plan was not widely used, so we decided to remove the feature and focus on other priorities," said Naw Instagram in the statement. "You will still be able to see the location beacons on individual positions. "While it is still possible to see your own map today, but the ability to turn to other people cards now been removed with the latest update of the application.

Indeed, many of us in barley naija even know existed some photo-cards, if not by the news. Normally, to get to this feature, you need to tap the profile of the person requesting the location-ish small icon which is under organic. When this is done, you will see a map with lots of pictures with the arrangement on the basis of the position he had taken the photographs. So when we approach the map, you will now be treated with a better view fine grain.

If I'm not mistaken, among the handful of people who have enjoyed this feature more than for Instagram employees. These guys were paid nutritiously allowing them to travel frequently traveled around the world taking pictures of the show. But a number of people even do not really not really do international travel, so I just knew Instagram photo cards but I do not use either!




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