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More Than 100 Senior CPC Keywords With Low Competition [Keywords Pay High For 2016]

CPC 100 high key words With low competition [high paying keywords 2016] - 100 Maxims Payin List of keywords with low competition - If you are a blogger, you must have known the meaning of the keywords and wat keywords means low competition on the search engines. Keywords are the words that people type into the search bar on Google, Bing, Ask, Yandex, Wikipedia, Yahoo Search, etc., to find answers to a given problem.
daily searches of millions of people, you need to classify certain keywords that you bring you organic traffic. Today I will show you a list of keywords that pay lower with low competition competitions.By, I mean that your website can easily classify and make some money online. It has been found to help many young people create their blogging empire in search engines and still get lots of targeted visitors per day.

1. technology
2. Health
3. Relationship and Dating
4. Fun and rumors
5. Sports & Games

Why low competition keywords?
Low Competition Keywords List
I look at how long the bloggers fail and stop blogging. 90% of people fail only doing wrong keywords research. Most of them use the wrong tools, all keyword research and most of them take data in a wrong way.
Recently I wrote a post about how people make Google Adwords planner data in a wrong way and after that, when they do not begin to demand tools or as they say blogging is hard work. I was asked repeatedly by bloggers to help with the search keywords. So today, I'll add a list of keywords with low competition from different niches that can help those who are struggling hard to classify and banking.
Keywords low competition will help;
Sort your blog easily.
Their range of individual entry.
No need advanced SEO.
No investment.
very fast results in the rankings.
Skill levels
Overall, the level of competition is divided into three categories,
However, these data show some tools on a percentage scale (0-100). On this scale, keywords with low difficulty level 30% are considered good and easy to classify.
common misunderstanding to take ideas from different tools:
1. Some tools show the level of difficulty of keywords and the level of competition. Here you have to go to the difficulty level keywords. The level of competition is the competition for the particular keyword among advertisers.

2. Data level Google Adwords Keyword Planner is also competition for advertisers.
How do these tools work?
These data logging keyword research tools and collect information from the SERP. Then after, the 10 results analyzed according to their DA, PA, links and other settings. If you find websites that have a low ranking DA, PA or less authority will then suggest you go for it.

What tools should I use?
Well, here I will list 100 keywords with low competition, but I know that these keywords can not satisfy all needs. So here are some tools that I recommend using if you think you are really in need of these tools.

1. SEMRush (recommended)
2. Ahrefs
3. Moz
I personally use SEMrush tools for keyword research. If you want to try, then you can get a free subscription pro SEMRush account for 30 days. This offer is specially provided by SEMRush Tips2secure readers. Then, the link is displayed to make use of the free subscription.

SEMrush Try free 30 days!
How can I collect this information?
SEMRush used Google Adwords and business plan for the creation of this list. I always use my keyword research for ideas SEMRush difficulty of keywords and Google Adwords planner to check the monthly search volume.
So let me start the list of keywords with low competition now.

100 Low Competition Keywords List
Keyword difficulty: Under 20
Format: (Sr.No., keyword, Monthly Search Volume)

1. Why is the technology is good, 480
2. pros technology in classrooms, 100
3. how the Internet helps education, 200
4. picture of technology in education, 80
5. Importance of educational technology teacher, 50

6. make a website free blog 50
7. How to start your own website for free, 30
8. Examples of blogger, 300
9. popular blogs in blogspot, 50
10. best market niches, 100

marketing definition 11. SEO 50
12. Optimize Google websites, 70
13. quicksprout seo, 50
14. Documents Google SEO, 30
15. How SEO with Google, 20
Comments Phone (Android)
16. Mobile in 2016 to buy 10
17. How to Find the Best Mobile 20
18. HTC specifications, 200
19. Google smartphone prices 10
20. LED Samsung phones 100


21. When released iphone 7, 2400
22. latest model of iPhone 2016, 20
23. How is the new iPhone, 50
24. iphones problems 20
25. iphones announced 20

niche health


26. rapid weight loss tips for women, 50
27. How to lose weight fast and keep it, 50
28. best diet to lose weight fast and keep 100
29. Salmon good for weight loss, 100
30. how to start my diet, 200

31. 2016 cure diabetes, 70
32. diabetes type 2 can be reversed with weight loss, 50
33. Pre reverse diabetes naturally 100
34. Once you have type 2 diabetes can be reversed, 50
35. honeymoon diabetes, 200

36. hemorrhoid mucus secretion, 50
37. The quickest way to get rid of a hemorrhoid, 50
37. epidemic hemorrhoids, 200
38. hemorrhoid surgery recovery time weight loss, 100
39. how to cure a hemorrhoid, 50
40. hemorrhoids witch hazel wipes, 50
41. Tables conjunctivitis in children, 50
42. gonorrhea conjunctivitis, 30
43. Cleaning eyes, 50
44. conjunctivitis which is 100
45. the counter medication for an eye infection, 200
Pimples and Skin Care
46. ​​The home remedies for red spots on the face, 50
47. How to remove stains overnight, 50
48. Pimple cure nose 100
49. makes honey and cinnamon helps with acne, 100
50. mask for pimples and acne, 100

Relationship and Dating

keywords with low competition in the relationship and dating
51. find someone you love, 50
52. healthy relationship, 100
53. healthy Christian relationship, 50
54. Go with someone, 200
55. When will I find one, 500
56. start a new relationship, 100
57. find the perfect match, 200
58. Relations from 100
59. what a guy, 200
60. How to start relationships, 100
61. Is it a relationship, 50
62. best way to start a relationship, 50
63. dating advice for women, 50
64. how to find a good partner for life, 100
65. dating advice for students, 200
66. The free dating site serious relationship, 100
67. difference between dating and relationship, 600
68. How to make 200
69. How to operate 50
70. good relationship issues if a guy 100
71. Young men, on the 200
72. Dates serious, 300
73. Knowing this generation, 100
74. how to meet a life partner, 50
75.christian dating help, 20

Fun and rumors

keywords with low competition for fun and rumors niche

76. hillarious images 50
77. funny video clips, 40
78. funny 100
79. humorous images on Facebook, 50
80. funny videos online, 200
81. fb funny pictures to post 100
82. funny friends pic, 100
83. Videos of humor funny college, 50
84. memes punny, 1500
85. jokes sent via text, 100
86. If your dog could text, 500
87. bad texts, 500
88. WhatsApp transfer messages, 100
89. crazy messages, 50
90. funny girl mother texts, 100
Sports and Games
91. Live cricket score card total, 100
The cricket score 92. line 50
93. Cricket watch online live television, 20
94. watch the cricket live online, 50
95. Live football results ESPN 400
96. Cricket World Cup live free, 100
97 football games on 30
98. football matches postponed 50
99. teaching Karate Kid, 300
100. postures martial arts fighting, 100
keyword CPC:
CPC aforementioned keyword ranges from $ 0.20 to about $ 10. There is no fixed CPC warranty.
Suppose there is a keyword "key example" and tools are showing the specific CPC keyword is $ 5 Now there are so many advertisers targeting the same keyword "key example", but with CPC bids. Some of them could be bidding $ 0.50 and some of them to bid $ 7 for the same keyword.
CPC what can be expected in this case as a publisher?
So there is no guarantee of CPC rates, sometimes you can get $ 5 and sometimes you can receive only $ 0.40 for the same keyword.
All data are estimates since no tool that can give you accurate data and results.
It was a list of 100 keywords low level of competition that can be easily classified in all the major search engines like Google and Bing.
Some of what people might think that all keywords have very low numbers if the monthly searches and not to their benefit. But if you think so, then you are absolutely wrong.
See if they are eligible for a keyword with 50 average monthly searches then given 500-1000 traffic approx.
Simple, each keyword has 10x long tail and related keywords and once you start to qualify for the specific keyword then also start to get traffic and the range of other related keywords.
Believe me or not, but this is the secret of every blogger who always target this type of keywords with low traffic and later these keywords help cover the great results in SERPs even a single word and words- key brand.

This position does not end here.
Now let's learn how to use these keywords in our blogs / blog.
Just have a list of keywords is not sufficient for classification. some powerful strategies are needed to implement the keywords properly and in the right place on the blog.
Let's take a look.
I'll start with this guide using keywords "Social Media Strategies".
Before you read the message, wait a few minutes and think about what should be the job title to target this keyword?
Well, I have some songs for that keyword. You can get ideas of these securities as how you can write a job title to target your main keyword.

Title 1
Top 10 social media strategy to avoid mistakes

Title 2
Top 10 Social Media strategies that really work
There is no set using the number of keywords in the job rule. It can be used where it seems necessary to use.
I think you need to add the exact words of 3-4 times in the body of the entry (if the message length is about 1000 words), 1 under and 1 in the job description.
Also, do not forget to point related keywords and LSI keywords.
For a detailed knowledge has to go through this position:
Latest word:
This is over 100 [fee Keywords high 2016] high competition CPC keywords. 

Apply using the steps above; the result should be great!




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