Sunday, September 4, 2016

Nice One!!! WhatsApp To Share Users’ Phone Numbers With Facebook

The instant messaging application has updated its privacy policy, owner allowing better access to the Facebook user data, including their phone numbers. The measure is intended to help advertisers target their customers more
"By connecting your phone number with the Facebook system, Facebook can offer better suggestions for friends and more relevant ads," said a WhatsApp press release Thursday. It would, however, not "sell, share or give "Most users to advertisers, he said.
His political encrypted messages also remain the same. "Although we coordinated with Facebook in the coming months, encrypted messages remain private, and nobody else can read WhatsApp ... No, no Facebook, no one else," said the statement.
Existing users can also opt for the sharing policy after accepting the policy update or change the account settings in the first month. If the user accepts, you have 30 days to choose not to share your information with Facebook.
controversial movement
means WhatsApp Company updated policy will also provide information on users' devices, including the type of operating system and other smartphone features. Facebook will use internally only phone number to identify users of WhatsApp better, so it can help advertisers with their target groups.
The ads come through a special program called "personalized public Facebook" that allows a business to consumer data loading Facebook. Facebook then match the list with the list of customers and shows them tailored ads. User data is not given to advertisers.
The last measure could be controversial, particularly defenders of privacy which warned that Facebook could start to retrieve user data when Facebook acquired WhatsApp WhatsApp two years ago. In 2014, the Federal Trade Commission of the United States warned against companies change the way they use the user information without consent.




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