Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sony Xperia Z and compact Xperia Z comes on sale in the UK

Sony has made us all much good to take the wraps off the Xperia and Xperia compact XZ X and can say that none of these devices are in no way disappointing. X compact, which really lives its fun name just 4.6 inch screen and under the hood, uses the services of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 chipset, coupled with 3GB of RAM and everything is kept alive by a battery of 2700mAh.

At the other end of the news release is 5.5-inch Xperia XZ you will use a large dragon mouth 820 packs instead even 3GB of RM but slightly larger 2900mAh battery.

It is not the big news today, but we are pleased to inform you that these smartphones were sold by the nail in the UK and through them, we now know what it would cost.

The Sony Xperia compact X will be available in three color variants Black Universe, Blue Mist and white would cost £ 379 plus VAT for the 32GB model, while the larger Xperia XZ costs £ 549 VAT, the same model of 32 GB. This latter would be available in color variants Forest Blue, Black and Platinum mineral.




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