Sunday, September 4, 2016

How to optimize post title header tag in blogger

Title optimization into Blogger using the h2 tag or h1 tag is different from show after title before blog title, and is an important factor in optimizing search engines to increase organic search traffic, CTR, and especially general site grading blogger.

While showing after title before blog title solves the problem of Google blogger are not securities and subjects of messages processed in the search engines due to the fact that the sample of blog titles default Google Blogger before the title entry, and 50 to 66 characters of the title of the blog in the results of search engines may not be enough to capture function names, however, the entry title optimization using the h2 tag or h1 tag on blogger and does not contribute to your blog with the integration and optimization of their hierarchy appropriate content label in a header at the top, to increase the visibility of the search engines, user experience, potential customers the volume of organic search CTR, traffic and higher rankings.

In the content of your marketing effort, an SEO base page is an inevitable practice of blogging success and header tags h1 - h6 are one and the top of the page SEO best practices to improve the optimization engines search blog that lead to increased organic production search traffic, page views, the lowest target audiences, potential customers, CTR and ranking.

Blogger displayed by the default title before blog post title, which means that the title of Blogger blog is not well optimized. Since header tags H3 is not enough, the blogger also used by default for all blog post and page titles, which may also have effects less optimized on your blog and how it is displayed in engines Related search results with key search terms.

header tags h1 - h6 is used to differentiate a web page from subtitles, which form the hierarchy of the h1, h2 tag, h3 tag, label h6, and the higher the rank, the higher the keyword interest contained in the label header. Therefore, this means that h1 is considered higher than the tag h3 more and so on.

Change h3 tag as a header default blog code Memorandum of blog pages and post titles on h2 h1 tag or label, it means piracy in the model blogger and improve the practice of optimizing search engine Blogger blog pages and job titles.

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Change H1 h3 tags to your post title and page titles would be the ultimate answer to increase the power of the search engine of your blogger blog because the highest priority of the h1 tag, but I notice that if it usually does a mistake somewhere like Bing webmaster tool.

You can decide to change your h3 h1, and if you get error messages from webmaster then you should immediately change from H1 to H2. However, the purpose of this article precision and accuracy, I basically concentrated on optimizing the job title to label h2 h3 tag.

1. Log into your blogger or blogspot dashboard.

2. Click the model.

3. Click Edit HTML.

4. Click the keyboard CTRL F to open a search box.

5. Press Ctrl F and search for all H3 Tag one by one.

6. Now, just replace the H2 H3 tag on the label.

7. Now Clack Save.

Note: Most post optimization titles would be the use of the H1 tag. You can decide to change your h3 h1, and if you get error messages from webmaster then you should immediately change from H1 to H2.

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