Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Tutorial: How can I remove the preview tab in my browser Microsoft board

There are times when we could see Microsoft board overview tab, since even for offensive; especially when you do not see the use of it. Do not be too hot, in this tutorial, we'll walk you through a way to disable do some simple manipulations in the register.

While Edge is fair to say Microsoft has yet to make up their browser contemporaries. However, it would be equally unfair to deny the great work Microsoft has put into this browser rolling some new features and improvements, so advanced web browser with greater energy efficiency.

Well it included in these features in the default Windows 10 Web browser is the Preview tab. This same feature gives the browser the ability to view thumbnails (and identical to the sticker for application on the taskbar) to enjoy a supposed look, while in the course of the mouse over open tabs. It would not have to leave the current page. But not everyone likes it a lot, and for some it is a big hassle. For this category of people, we guide them through how to disable this function.

It is vital that you remember before recording, be sure to recognize that this type of adjustment is the possible involvement of irreversible damage to this facility when in fact not do it the right way . therefore recommend that we perform critical a full backup of your computer before you begin. Ok, so no fear now that he has identified the need to be careful, go.

So first, you must close Microsoft Edge.
To use the key combination of keys R. This now opens the Run command.
Insert (write) regedit. After such OK to open the Windows registry.

Now navigate the path prescribed below:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ SOFTWARE \ Classes \ Local Settings \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ AppContainer \ Storage \ microsoft.microsoftedge_8wekyb3d8bbwe \ MicrosoftEdge \ TabbedBrowsing

Now right click on the right side, take New, then you can click DWORD (32-bit).

Now it will make an appointment for the new key, the name must be TabPeekEnabled.

Take OK.

You will need to double-click the created key you just created to make sure it is set to 0.

When finished, click OK.

Well, now to complete the task, you need to close the Registry Editor.

Following these steps, you can start Microsoft Edge. So, to check if everything we did went well, you can open multiple web pages. You can place your cursor on tabs, and if you followed this tutorial you will not see the most viewed previous tab. Instead, what you see is only the name of the site. This is more of a tool tip.

There is no time limit at any time, you can activate the Preview tab in the Web browser. You must follow the steps above, but when it comes to double-click the newly created key, set the key now 0-1.

And the last thing to add here is that these same changes we made in the register may be deleted deployment possibly being a new functionality update; after something like Windows Update 10 or something like that installed anniversary.

We hope this guide is helpful.?




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