Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tutorial: How to search for applications and even to buy paid Apps On Play Google

Let me start by saying that it is possible that it could start on the smartphone or maybe your first smartphone that uses Android. Of course, it is a great time. Undoubtedly, it all starts with the location of some applications to spice really depends on the user experience of your shiny new phone or even your tablet as appropriate. One way or another, they will discover that Google Play Store is used by Google.

Certainly another juicy part is that Google Play is a very important part of the Android security for the role in scanning applications before downloading and even when they are downloaded. This is crucial because it provides them for any activity on site. I share your fate if you first open Google Play pretty overwhelming. But hey do not even break sweat. In this guide, we'll show you where to find the best help you can start!

Now the first thing we'll look at in this tutorial is how you can find applications in Google Play

In case you already know the name of the application you want, or even a very special type of application in mind, you can look for it instead of the tedious process of navigation by background applications categories.

To begin, you must click on Google Play icon on the main screen. Then you must click on the white search bar you can see the top of the screen.

Well, after that, you can enter the same name of the application you already have in mind; or even the type of application you are looking for. When finished with this, you can click the search icon on the keyboard. It should be around where your Enter key looks.

Good. In case you're not really sure what you have in mind, or even worse, the search results was not useful, we still have a handful of other alternatives to use as find applications Google Play. One way this is important navigation via Google Play Top Charts to locate a new application to install.

Now, there are many times when the application you like to download requires that you make a payment first. This is the way to do it.

The procedures in the purchase of a payment application are not very different procedures actually a free download, and will be especially:

Now click on the application you need to pay in the search results or even categories.
Well, next you must click on the price to see the options through which payment can be made.

Basically, what we will do in the first show is your default payment method. If you want to change this, simply click on the down arrow next to your current form of payment (default).

Then you must click on the payment methods.

Make your choice and click one of the established forms of payment. Sometimes you can not really. In such conditions, which require a credit card, a billing system or even a PayPal account is added.

Then you need to click to buy.

The next thing you have to do is the password confirmation Google Play.
Thus, when the payment has been processed completely, the download will start now. As you progress in closing the window.

This will be the end of our guide today. I hope this was a useful introduction to the exciting experience of Android?




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