Monday, October 31, 2016

Airtel Introduces New Plan Called Triple Surf Offer

Airtel is back again now they gat to get their customers back after a few
month back increasing their night trybe data plan. Anyway here is their new offers called Airtel triple offer
Question: What is Triple Surf Offer?
Answer: With Airtel Triple Surf Offer, you enjoy additional bonuses on activation and renewal of data bundles.
Question: Exactly what do I get with the Triple Surf Offer?
Answer: The benefits of the offer are as follows:
1. 50% bonus data when you activate any
of the applicable data plans
2. Up to 75% bonus data on first renewal

3. Up to 100% bonus data on 2nd renewal
Question: How do I activate the Triple Surf offer?
Answer: To opt in to this amazing offer,

1. Simply Dial *141#
2. Select option 2 in the menu “Triple Surf Offer”, you will see the list of applicable bundles
3. Activate any of the applicable data bundles and you will begin to enjoy your bonus




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