Monday, October 10, 2016

Apple Maps Transit Info Now Covers Melbourne, Australia

back in April of this yr, Apple extended its transit information to cowl New South Wales in Australia, and now oldsters in Melbourne can get the additional information as nicely.

With New South Wales getting assist earlier this year, it intended that it, and Sydney, were the only places to feature the Maps-based transit data. Apple has rolled out guide for Melbourne, Victoria, which covers the public trains, trams, and the bus networks as nicely.

Apple has been including new city regions in its Transit records insurance on a everyday basis as of past due, such as the most latest addition
being Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Columbus, Ohio. On pinnacle of that, Apple Maps Transit now covers Atlanta, Georgia, and Miami, Florida, in addition to including assist for the UK’s country wide Rail. On top of those new cities, Apple Maps has also delivered Portland, Oregon ; Seattle, Washington ; and Sacramento, California. Apple additionally brought transit data in Rio de Janeiro in advance of the summer time Olympics, and Montreal were given guide earlier this yr as properly. Apple also delivered Honolulu, Hawaii and Kansas city, Missouri, to the listing as properly.
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