Friday, October 7, 2016

Blogger Tips and Tricks To Improve SEO Blogger (Or Councils)

Blogger Tips and Tricks To Improve SEO Blogger 

Seo Tips !! We are here again, this is the fight for blog owners, particularly the novices, we do a lot of research on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other tips on improving engine optimization (SEO ) and get tips like writing content, regular updates, promotions on social networks, messages and more customers .. they are all great tips that should not be neglected at all.

Here I will give you some more cards to improve the SEO blog,

Before we get there, we will give a new SEO chance to understand and follow the steps to improve SEO blogger (PASE Steps otherwise new to this).
First of all, a warm welcome, as you have noticed, we are all on SEO and how to improve them before rewriting, it is wise to know what it really means.

Perhaps you went through the series of steps on how to build have a blog and came across the word "SEO" is to ask, what does this mean?.
In the simplest explanation, SEO is the optimization of search engines is a natural process of liberation, editing, organic and natural traffic (visits on the blog) to appear in search results on engines search as Google, Bing, Yahoo and more ...

This little explanation has time, it allows you to reach steps to improve the SEO blogger

Steps to improve the SEO In Blogger (Golden Steps)

Yes, I know the thoughts that go through your mind right now, "I've seen this before, how is it gold?".

I'm not here to tell the same stories they read each time on backlinks, stories like its so important to have redirected to your blog links, which are darned important, as one of the means effective in improving SEO, blah, blah, I'm sure I could have read somewhere.

I am here to extend this. I read complained online about backlinks, many people say they have many backlinks, but still no improvement in SEO.
The big question is. What is the quality of backlinks to your post ??

No quality backlinks will not go as far in the ranking of Google, however, can have a negative effect on your blog. So not only get backlinks, but quality is my golden tip for this one.

Tip: Learn more about the quality of slowdown.

This is another brutal as SEO, keywords are extremely important in particular blogs in writing content, you could read about adding keywords to a different place in their blogs, will focus on keywords for content, I'll give you a quick run of how you can use the keywords in the content, but before that, to be Orthodox to take this into account.

I have read in many places that are invited to use keywords in the content, but to mention the exact amount and where to use it, because the reader tends to flood your content with keywords and consequently unhealthy for blogs, which are necessary to add only 3% of the keywords of our content and place them in the right places anywhere.

Now the small summary of how and where to use / put keywords in the content

By placing the start point and the end of the content
Image Name (Alt tag and title tag) bloggers
In post tilde (important)
such an important message permalinks
Post a comment and lastly,

Meta Tags
This range of other important SEO methods, the use of the robots meta tag indicates that your site is using bits are text that describes the content pages.

There are many meta tags that you can add to your blog, but not all really important, and I'll give you four meta most important tag to add to your blog

Meta keyword
title tag
Meta Robots: This indicates the robots of search engines what to do with the page.

Note that these are really effective if they are placed manually / added into your blog template.

Apply this golden SEO tips and see your blog excel ..




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