Saturday, October 8, 2016

Etisalat NG Just Lunch The 4G LTE Network In Nigeria | See How To Use

Earlier this week, the Etisalat 4G LTE network was noted in Lagos, Nigeria and made me sign include being pregnant Etisalat 4G LTE network. I wish to inform you that Etisalat NG lunch of its 4G LTE network in Nigeria.

No entries wonder now because MTN lunched its 4G LTE network and also lunch there Glo network and 4G LTE.

I saw it coming, I hope you see it too?

Using the Etisalat 4G LTE network:

Note: Currently at the time of writing this post, Etisalat 4G LTE netwrok is available to customers of Etisalat who are in L: Agos, Abuja and other cities

Get 4G LTE smartphones

insert the SIM card in the Etisalat

You can start using it immediately without any exchange unlike MTN SIM and 4G requires Glo SIM card to 4G SIM card enabled others to use the network is updated.




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