Saturday, October 8, 2016

Facebook Has Launches Standalone Applications' Events

If you are a Facebook user, it is more than likely that a high probability that you have come through the "Events" section, which corresponds to a variety of content from concerts, parties, anything that could occur on a certain date.

According to Facebook, more than 100 million daily users use Facebook Events feature, which apparently means that the company considered it essential to launch another separate application. So here we are with a new brand, "events" independent applications for iOS. Works as the standard platform for events of the regular Facebook app, or desktop computer: You can view the events happening in your city or nearby, and you can say that you are going to this event or not.

If a user follows a commercial site, and have an upcoming event, which will be displayed in the application, and news of an event which has already said it will be displayed in your diet as well.

The application will bring events lists events according to their preferences and personal location, which includes the ability to search, or use an interactive map. A calendar is cooked in, too, making it easier for users not to accumulate too many events on a particular date.

Events unfold for iOS from today and will be available for Android soon.




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