Friday, October 7, 2016

Google Confirms Both The IP53 Rating And Pixel Pixel XL

Google launched the first set of devices that have their own brand on it and to do that they had to leave the Nexus system names that have become associated with the benefit of another who would take the name of the global software giant - pixels.

At the launch of this device, however, we noticed that they have managed to make a number of errors of omission in that it does not mention some of the things I would have liked to hear. The first is that the devices were actually manufactured by HTC, which however has already been confirmed, and the other is information about the type of dust and water protection rating that would come with the new technology of their own .

Have been corrected now, but as it was reported that both units - Pixel and Pixel XL - out of the box with an IP53 rating although they are not included this information on the official website of the specifications for your smartphone .

If you want to know what that means, the first thing is that the pixels are far from their competitors who either IP67 or IP68 classification IP53 on them and just make sure they are protected against dust and spray just the water not diving.



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