Thursday, October 6, 2016

How To Encrypt Your Facebook Messenger And Send self-destruct Text Messages

After WhatsApp, Facebook has now implemented at the end of encryption to end its Messenger application.

Users must enable the option of secret conversation to begin. This feature also comes with a self-destruct option for greater security.

By following a few simple steps, you can turn this option on your device.

Working toward the same goal of recently implemented end encryption HTTPS security Fossbytes at the end of his influential media platform.

The need for encryption end to end is something that can not be challenged in the present scenario.

All messaging applications and messaging providers must implement this functionality to provide safer services to the users. Today he writes about the lack of encryption on Yahoo emails and how they helped the US government read the users emails.

Last spring, the popular instant messaging application WhatsApp has launched the largest end email encryption industry to end. Facebook, WhatsApp matrix, decided to implement the same functionality in its popular Messenger application.

there a few days, Facebook also launched a simplified version of the Messenger application.

This function is called encrypted talks secret messages that all 900 million users of Facebook Messenger will benefit. This feature allows a person to choose an option to encrypt messages. Therefore, not even Mark Zuckerberg or NSA, can read messages, except those using end devices.

They use talks encryption protocol signal secrets. It is available in IOS and Android applications Messenger updates.

However, these channels are not secret secret negotiations by default. You must perform a few simple steps to do and protect essential communications. Enabling this option is worth. Therefore, let's take a look at how to do it:

How to encrypt your Facebook messages?

1. To encrypt your Facebook messages, you must open Messenger and select the profile icon in the menu.

Now look for secret conversation options.

2. Click the option of secret conversation.

3. Enable the secret talks. To see a little window saying "This is the only device that can send and receive messages." This means you can set encrypted messages in a single device.

To continue, press TUN on pop.

4. Now go back to the main screen Messenger and press the bottom of a message.

This option could be present in the upper or lower locations, depending on your device (Android or iOS).

5. In the upper right corner, select the secret message.

I turn it on.

6. You are now ready to talk with a friend.

Choose a friend and start.

7. Note that if your friend has not activated the option of secret negotiations, he / she will not be able to see them. Then ask them to turn it on.

8. encrypted messages in Messenger also come with a choice of self-destruction of the texts.

just tap the clock icon to send the message with the self-destruction option.

9. In the upper right corner in a secret conversation, you can see the buttons on the unit and compare them with those on your friend's device to ensure safety maintenance.

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