Friday, October 7, 2016

How To Make Widgets View In Blogger Mobile View

Make Widgets View In Blogger Mobile View.

Your mobile blog perspective may seem dull, cautious spice it a bit by doing a little widget on your impressive views also visible on mobile office.

There is a way you can make any kind of gadget of your choice in mobile mode program, especially Google Adsense, it is one of many reasons Blogger search for this method. Thus it is able to increase revenues and display ads on mobile display without having to go through a tedious and risky code add and change time.

Use the following process to show any type of mobile device.

Widget steps to display in mobile blogger display

Before starting this procedure, make sure your mobile model is set to measure.

For transmission over the mobile widget, which reaches not add code a = mobile "yes" to a widget code in your model, it is as difficult as it sounds.

Enter your blog template and press the jump button widgets, this will show you all the widgets on your blog vertically, select the gadget you want to add the mobile, which will take the same position. Use the following example for a good understanding.

Using HTML "AdSense" below, for example,

<B: id widget = 'false' title 'html2 = Locked =' 'type = "Adsense" visible = "true">

<B: widget ID title = 'false' mobile = 'yes' =' type 'html2' locked = "=" Adsense "visible =" true ">

As noted above, we have added mobile = 'yes' in the widget code. this will make the widget appears in the mobile view.

If you want to appear on mobile and not visible on the desktop view, simply change the "yes" to "only", which is mobile = "only"




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