Monday, October 31, 2016

How to Optimize blogger title Tag for Better SEO

Door title tags containing less than 70 characters. This is the Google Presentations Effects Research restriction. Title tags longer than 70 characters may be truncated in the results or the Google and Yahoo search engines As can also choose to display specific text file instead of the title tag. Recent experiments have shown that the number of characters from the image in the search results may also vary between completely different questions, the pixel width of each letter. 70 characters remains a popular guide for the incredible period, however. In most Blogger templates When we see this in the Blogger blog, the tag name is ammorcer identify a blog then a publican not identify Que No is very suitable as for SEO (optimization of search engines) As our blog They seek to identify the engine first appears in place of the keyword. This advanced blogger alternate title tag to help Extender relevant keyphrases in his blog that enhance the power of Search Engine Do weblog. Just look under easy and simple steps: -

Optimize Your Blog Title
1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard>> Template>> Edit HTML
2. And Find the Following Code. (if you are using Default Title Tag.) You Can Find the Below code Near <head> tag Opening.




3. And replace above code With Following Code.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pagetype == &quot;index&quot;'>

Refresh your blog. Title tag of your weblog submit can be your post title and blog identify on your blog home page. This improves viewer’s trust and keyword power of your blog.
When you have any question please feel free to publish your question below in comment form. Thanks for analyzing our post. Happy blogging.




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