Friday, October 7, 2016

How to unlock PDF Files Protected By Password

In the following steps, you will learn the way by which you can remove PDF passwords and everything related to Google Chrome.

The steps to remove the password PDF files:

1. First, you need to open password protected PDF file in the Google Chrome Web browser. You can do it with just drag and drop the file in the Chrome browser. Enter the password for the file and open it in the browser.

2. In the "File" menu of Google Chrome go to the "Print" and select above. This is used to print the file, but generally can not be printed on the property. You can also use the combination of "Ctrl P" keys if desired.

Remove PDF password files

3. You will be prompted with a dialog box, and then simply select the "Save as PDF" and click the Save button. Now it will have to remember is that you must check the option that says "Save to Google Drive" before pressing the Save button.

Remove PDF password files

4. After all the file is uploaded to Google Drive, and you can download from there. Simply download the file from there and find that the password for the PDF file has been deleted. Now you can open the file easily without any password.

The use of online tools:

There are some online sites that provide online tools that can help to quickly unlock your PDF files. Some of these sites include online '', ''. You can try to use these tools if you want to unlock your files instantly on the Internet and do not want to download a third party application for the same purpose.

The method is very simple, and you will not have to go through several processes to eliminate completely encrypting passwords for PDF files



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