Sunday, October 9, 2016

HP And Microsoft To Sell The X3 Elite For Brick And Mortar Stores In The United States

Citing official sources, Microsoft announced that would offer its new flagship phone for sale in the United States of its physical stores and this would be a kick in full swing next week.

The HP Elite x3 has seen some delays in its release due to some problems in the past and now determined to go to the shops and markets, Microsoft does not limit buy than to order online, either their own site web or HP, the official manufacturer of the device.

Since this information came just a short time after we got to know that he has made available to third party retailers in the UK, so Microsoft is expected that over 100 of its stores running online is replenished windows 10 units of this mobile powerhouse from next week, which maximizes the potential of all areas that can get their hands on sales.




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