Sunday, October 9, 2016

Oppo R9S With Two Rear Camera Units To Be Made By Sony

The Oppo R9S however, is put in place, but at this stage of their life cycle, which has ceased to be both a myth and a secret that we have had many unofficial leaks. Officially too, they began to open in what comes as TV commercials already been established in China to pave the way for the unit in the country and elsewhere who also release.

Send invitations to an event that is scheduled to run October 19, we know that this is what the company plans to present that day.

We now have new information on R9S again before its official release, and sent to camera units, we had to know I use dual camera units on the back and they would be provided by none other than Sony - A better smartphone camera manufacturers on the market right now.

The cameras are specifically Sony IMX398 sensor and for comparison, that means it is about 98 times better than Sony themselves have used in its Xperia range high-end devices.

Although they made no mention of the addition R9S, we are still optimistic of a declaration and on the date that has been set up, we thought we'd see something remarkable below.




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