Saturday, October 8, 2016

Oppo Teases The Next R9S Television, Provides Another Alternative With It

So far, Oppo has done a poor job of keeping their next devices in secret as we have seen in places we least expected, showing us almost all angles and facets of life of these devices at all moment escape.

Be the Oppo R9S and Oppo R9S More at that time would not be much of something special and all you still get us excited about them is their release, after taking into account the characteristics of both and also saw escape through brochures, there are a few days.

At that time, however, Oppo gradually to make the advanced things official, as they started to run business in China for the launch of the Oppo R9S and next to him, but also plan for a more Oppo R9S to run on this market.

Since the announcement, the devices were placed side by side visual comparison tells us that the profit would be higher than the basic version, as expected.

Although we do not know what would be in the R9S also hope that the R9S owner to take a battery of 3010mAh which is based on the fast charge technology at home Super VOOC and power of the CPU 4GB RAM and 16MP camera on the back.




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