Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Samsung Will Not Rush The Announcement Of Galaxy Earlier S8, S7 Blue Coral Edge Facing Delays

The Galaxy S8 release dates will not be pulled forward. "Currently we do not-have Any plan to release Galaxy S8 early," selon Korean media Citing a top-shelf Samsung official.


"Even before we released Galaxy Note 7 We had a separate plane to announce Galaxy S8. Pushing release dates forward all of sudden is something That Is Realistically impossible. "There Were rumors on the Internets That Because of the Note 7's dual recall drama, Samsung will try and pull forward the S8 release to make the release gap entre les two have short as possible.

(Composed by Gizng.com) Samsung, HOWEVER, HAS swollen Apparently the bitter pill of $ 5 trillion in Losses stemming from the pullout Note 7, and is Currently Focused on finding out exactly what went wrong, added the official.

This means clustering aussi que le company will put extra effort into testing the Galaxy S8 before release, and will not rush the announcement to happen before February 26, When the S8 is Said to be unveiled. (Composed by Gizng.com) We Can not Say That we blame 'em, and, if leaked specs are Some Any indication, Samsung's next flagship HAS a good opportunity to erase Reviews some of That bitter aftertaste Note 7.

On a side note, Samsung aussi que la Clarified launch date of November 4th of the Blue Coral release of the Galaxy S7 edge is valid for Korea for now. "ALTHOUGH we planned to release Galaxy S7 Edge Blue Coral model to global markets at the time Sami if possible, schedule for release dates of Each Country Has Changed due to current status of supplies." You have it all. Stay tune to Gizng.com




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