Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Way To Free Up The Bootloader Of A Tecno Camon C9

these days, am right here to post academic on how to unlock the bootloader of Tecno camon c9 .For those that don't recognise what a Bootloader is,let me get a small perception. Bootloader happens to be piece of code that runs earlier than any operating machine is strolling. Bootloader are used besides different working structures, commonly each running machine has a set of bootloaders specific for it.


To successfully unlock the Bootloader of the Tecno Camon C9 or C9 Pro:

* Backup your important stuff as unlocking the Bootloader wipes your data
* Enable USB Debugging on the Tecno C9
* Enable OEM Unlocking under Settings > Developer options
* Setup ADB and Fastboot on the PC
* Connect the phone to the PC via USB cord (while On)
* Launch ADB
* In ADB, run the following command (press Enter after the command)
adb devices
* ADB should detect the device. If ADB detects other devices but not the Tecno C9 or C9 Pro then it must be an ADB clash,
* Once the device gets detected, boot it into Fastboot by running the following command (press Enter after the command)
adb reboot-bootloader
* The phone should now enter Fastboot (black screen with only fastboot written at the top or bottom)
* In Fastboot, run the following command (press Enter after the command)
fastboot oem unlock
* You should get a prompt on the device asking you to confirm Bootloader unlock, press the volume up button for Yes
* You should now get a success message
* Reboot the device by running the command below (press Enter after the command)
fastboot reboot




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