Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Twitter Reportedly Set To Announce 300 Job Cuts Later This Week

Twitter's Seemingly never ending problems are continuing. Earlier this month, it Was Reported That All of the company's potential buyers Were No schedule along to make bids for the microblogging site.


Now, Twitter May be cut to about eight percent of ict workforce, or about 300 people, selon Bloomberg. Citing people familiar with the matter, the report claims que le number of layoffs Could changes before Being officiellement annoncé. TechCrunch rating que le company's sales team Could Be hit the hardest. Should the cuts take place it will be a case of Déjà vu for Twitter.

12 months ago, one of Jack Dorsey's first tasks after-Becoming permanent CEO to announce Was That eight percent of the company's global workforce - around 336 people - Would lose jobs as Their share of an internal restructuring plan. Disney, Apple, and Google all relative Alphabet HAD-been linked with a possible to acquire Twitter, the three companies aim Themselves Recently Ruled out.

It left cloud giant Salesforce as favorite to make a bid, aim CEO Marc Benioff Said he Walked away from the deal after-His Shareholders protested. News of the cuts arrived just after-it Would Be Revealed Twitter ict releasing Q3 2016 earnings report at 4AM PST on October 27 INSTEAD of the usual time of 1PM PST.

The company Said it Did not want to compete with tech giants --other releasing Their financials on the Sami day, though the time change is probably more to do with Announcing Job Losses. With stagnating user growth and share price has dropped 40 percent HAS That in the last year, Twitter is in trouble. We'll find out just how bad things are icts When Q3 figures are released on Thursday.




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