Monday, October 31, 2016

Use Facebook As An effective Marketing Tool Today

Based on the information, we decided to start with Facebook as the main platform of social media. In fact, the customer base for our service is quite broad. Should be useful for anyone over 18 years old (no, not an adult service, it is not only something that many people under 18 should use).

And I apologize again for not being very specific about our services and products. We continue to grow and we are aware of protecting our ideas, so I'm realizing that I'm not trying to be difficult. I understand that it may affect the kind of advice you receive. But I digress.

So far, we like what we see in Facebook. It seems that people will be able to provide feedback on our service, control the customer response time, and no purchase option for ads that may be useful. We really like the ease with which customers can contact us or comment that the service (which of course can be a blessing and a curse, but I think the time companies one is a vertical, negative comments can be properly taken into account).

What I wonder is specifically about what other useful features are there to help promote your product or service on Facebook that are still not picking up on? For example, cross-promotion is a big thing with Facebook pages? Would it be weird if we communicated associated individuals, companies, brands or services to learn about be on your list of similar pages? It is something that even the creator of the page can influence or is it something pure Facebook algorithm?

Thanks in advance for your help!




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