Friday, October 7, 2016

What Happens - Can Not Connect To My Skype Account? Here Is The Solution

Hello "Units" fans over 7 hours now, Skype users worldwide are having difficulty accessing the application on their computers and smartphones.

Skype said it is looking at the issue and hopes "to resolve as soon as possible", but can not say how long it will take. So what can you do if you need to connect with someone a Skype now, but you can not access the application? well, you should try to connect using the Web version of Skype, which can be found in

Most people who can not connect to Skype via smartphones and PC versions of the application should not have trouble accessing from Web phones. Skype to the web offers more or less the same features you have in dedicated applications for Skype mobile or PC, then go ahead and try it (if not already).

Do you currently have the Skype connection problems? If so, let us know if the company web work for you.

NB: It seems that Skype has finally solved the problem. For the moment.

Always invite your friends !!!




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