Sunday, October 30, 2016

'Vive !!! You Will Soon Send And Receive Money via PayPal In Facebook Messenger

I think I really like the way Facebook is growing around the world. From a social media platform based on a solution center encompassing all to go online. Surprisingly, today we hear Facebook has done this before and recover from the Waooh exclamation Facebook breaks us another wonder. One day I'll be able to play with my friends PES UK on Facebook, I know!

We're talking about today is the functionality of Facebook has launched that allows you, as a user of Facebook Messenger to send and receive money via the application. There is good news, I think the Messenger application now supports PayPal transactions. This feature will certainly be expanded around the world is being tested in the United States.

Previously, the Messenger application was rather infamous compatible with the payments covered by the form of debit cards. However, with updates Messenger implements, users will have the ability to link your Messenger and PayPal. In reality, it will be cool as payment notifications also be delivered directly to the Messenger application.

Bill Ready, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, PayPal was all joy when commented that "This collaboration continues to show our March for a customer champion."

Congratulations to the Zuckerberg and Facebook family!




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