Friday, November 11, 2016

5 tips You Should  Do to Stay Safe From Wi-Fi Hackers.

1) HTTPS encrypted sites prefer: Say you are grabbing lunch at its favorite cafe, waiting for your order to arrive. You take your tablet and start browsing some new wifi coffee sites to catch up with the latest titles. Without knowing it, this guy in the corner is snooping on your traffic and can see everything you see. If you browse sites are not encrypted in https, the guy in the corner, you will find everything you see. And most sites are not yet - among the 100 most popular sites, only 25 encryption used by default. HTTPS encryption sites are private and can be kept confidential. So, when Wi-Fi adhere to HTTPS sites.

2) Beware of the hotspot: Be wary of strange and unfamiliar WiFi connections that appear on your phone list. With a small investment of hardware, a hacker or an attacker, you can set your own WiFi hotspot that seems legitimate. If you use it, you can not only see what you see, you can also jump and change what you see. So you think you're connecting to Gmail, but you're currently accessing your counterfeit Gmail page - and it now has your credentials. This is known as an attack, man-in-the-middle and you can see some funny examples of what you are doing in this video where three politicians were hacked. This type of attack is more complex, but can still be recovered fairly quickly in online tutorials.

3) Use VPN: Virtual Private Network VPN stands for. Creates a secure connection to your public WiFi connection is protected from tapping. Even with sniffing tools, all they can see is encrypted gibberish.

4) Turn off your WiFi when not in use: With WiFi enabled on your phone, tablet, or laptop, the phone terminal is open even if you are not connected to an access point. Although the risk factor is not huge in this case, but any hacker can try to access your phone through fake router. Also keeping your WiFi when you do use it saves the battery from your phone.

5) Say no to stupid and repeat passwords: Having a password for multiple accounts is the stupidest thing you can do to put your phone security. If a hacker manages to get that particular password, you know very well the impact of it. He / she can access several of his / her accounts. Always choose strong, unique passwords.




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