Monday, November 7, 2016

Android Samsung Galaxy S7 Board Nougat Beta Program

Samsung has a bad reputation for not regularly launch major firmware updates. It is not too good because Samsung has a lot of phones with phones that comes with a large number of software changes. But we have some relief and yet, Samsung will launch a beta program with the Samsung Galaxy S7 board. Here, users handpicked are able to install the Android Nougat update for beta testing.

So when you are in a beta program, you have the privilege to test the latest version of the software. This software, of course, can be stinking with malware and failures, which will be for these children in the software. This program starts in the UK has prospects of being extended away from the UK.

Although the official part, the beta program has not yet been officially announced Samsung, but there was a thread where you can download the application "Galaxy beta program." This could be in store 'Galaxy Apps'. Nothing and now trying to install in naija, you may be displaying server errors. For now, only users in the United Kingdom being able to successfully register success so far.




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