Saturday, November 5, 2016

Apple Has Reduced Adapters USB-C Price After Complaints

Life dongle for the new MacBook Pro owners may be a little easier to move, because Apple is cutting prices of some adapters.

The Verge reports that Apple is officially cut the prices of many different adapters USB Type-C. Apple recognizes that there is a transition that must be done, and, for many customers, this means that the adoption of a variety of different adapters until they can completely change the accessories that support USB-C:

"We recognize that many users, especially professionals, rely on existing connectors to do the job today and facing a transition. We want to help them upgrade to the latest technology and devices and accelerate growth of this new ecosystem. Until the year end, we are reducing the prices of all USB-C 3 and selling Thunderbolt peripherals and prices of USB adapters and cables Apple C ".

The new price changes from today, via USB-C-C adapters and USB cables, with differences in price between $ 6 and $ 20 savings:

* USB-C to traditional USB adapter $ 19-9 $

* Thunderbolt Thunderbolt 3-2 adapter for $ 49 to $ 29

* USB-C Lightning cable (1 meter) $ 25 $ 19

* USB-C Lightning cable (2 meters) of $ 35 to $ 29

* Multiport adapter with HDMI, USB and USB 49-C $ 69 to $

* Multiport adapter with VGA, USB and USB 49-C $ 69 to $

It is interesting to note that the USB charging cables C do not receive a price reduction. In addition to reducing the prices of their own products, Apple is also expected a variety of different USB devices third-C, up to 25% off.

It is a step in the right direction, and for many customers, you need to make the transition to your new MacBook Pro a little easier.




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