Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Apple Is Still Interested In Buying Time warner Sources Say

Regarding acquisitions, Apple is not shy. So maybe it makes sense that people can not stop talking about Apple buying Time Warner.

Recently, AT & T and Time Warner officially announced that the former had agreed to pay more than $ 85,400 million to acquire it. Before it's officially official, however, it was reported that Apple was "monitoring" the possibility, with suggestions that the company can come in and do better than AT & T offers, effectively ending the potential acquisition and take time Warner yours.

This was not the first time Apple has been instructed with regard to the acquisition of Time Warner, either, but in August, the CEO of Time Warner admitted that talks with Apple, which had been confirmed are not "serious" has never really been too interested in going forward with the acquisition of TW.

However, according to a recent report from CNBC, sources tell reporters that Apple is "interested" in acquiring Time Warner at the time. In other words, while AT & T and Time Warner agreed to acquire for the arrangement mentioned above, the process of acquisition of green light can take months, and another company can come and make a better offer than Time Warner can certainly accept.

But it will not be Apple, apparently, that would be aligned with the line of how this has been so far.




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