Saturday, November 5, 2016

Apple LG 4K And 5K Discounts UltraFine Shows 25 Percent

In addition to reducing the price of USB-C adapters, Apple also cut prices screens 4K and 5K LG ultrafine had submitted with its new line of MacBook Pro in late October. Thank you to a 25 percent reduction, the LG 5K display is now available for under $ 1000.

When initially announced, the UltraFine 5K LG screen has been priced at $ 1299.95, but now, after a reduction of $ 325 in price, can be purchased for $ 974. As for the screen 4K UltraFine, you now have a price $ 524 to $ 175 from its original price of $ 799.95. This is a temporary reduction of Apple and will be valid only until the end of this year.

Apple has worked closely with LG to develop these new screens specifically for its new line of MacBook Pro. The screens have USB-C ports with Thunderbolt 3 for easy connectivity with the new MacBook Pro, the wider range of colors support (P3) and stereo speakers. 5K display also comes with a camera and a microphone. LG 4K monitor is available for purchase immediately, sending about 4-6 weeks, while the 5K UltraFine monitor will be on sale in December.




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