Tuesday, November 8, 2016

How I Unlock My Huawei Modem E303 Recently

I just gotten this Huawei Modem e303 from etisalat, I was expecting I would be able to subscribe to an affordable data my old etisalat Sim Card and just insert it in the modem then start surfing.

Instead I was offered some free data (which I wont disclose its size) on my mtn Sim card. The first thing that came to my mind was to use the mtn data on the modem, but the modem was locked to use and connect to the internet only with an ETISALAT Sim card.
I was reluctant so I just inserted my mtn sim card into the etisalat Huawei modem (knowing it wont work) and in a matter of seconds the modem connection interface just pop-up this annoying and disappointing dialogue box, requesting for unlock pin.

So I contacted a friend immediately, a friend who is an expert in unlocking modems (even the modems you think are stubborn) asking him to help me out. He told me to bring the modem so he can unlock it for me, but I wasn’t satisfied with that method, so instead I also took a flash drive along with the etisalat Huawei modem to his house.
On getting to his house, he requested for the modem and i gave it to him. My guy just started the whole unlocking stuffs and ended it in just 1 minutes without inputting any Huawei modem unlock code. The modem started working with all networks instantly.
Being amazed, I asked him “guy you go teach me the stuff o” then he replied “no problem”.
He asked for where he could copy files for me, I gave him my Scan disk 8gig flash drive instantly (then he smiled) so he just copied the software he used in unlocking my modem from his pc to my flash drive, then he taught me how to use it.
I bet you wanna know how and which software he used.

How To Unlock Huawei Modems With Huawei Modem Unlocker
1) The first step is to Download and install Huawei Modem Unlocker to your PC.

2) The second step is inserting another network sim card into the huawei modem.

3) Now connect the modem with your computer or your laptop.

4) After connection of the modem with your pc, now launch the huawei modem unlocker where you installed it

5) Inside the Huawei unlocker software you will see a check box labelled “ Auto Unlock Modem ” just tick the box

6) After ticking the check box now look below, you will see a big UNLOCK button with huawei logo on it.

Click the button and wait for the Huawei modem unlocker to do its job.
7) Always look at the RESULT tab below the software interface to see the progress of your unlocking, if its successful or not.

That’s it, the modem unlocker will auto generate the unlock code and use it to unlock the modem automatically.

After all those are done successfully you can now launch your modem application and configure the internet settings of the inserted sim card network to it.

This is the screen capture of me checking my remaining mtn data bundle balance on my Etisalat Huawei E303 Modem after unlocking it

Is there anywhere you don’t understand quite well in this post?
Or maybe there is a modem playing hide and seek with you, or you also have another method to unlock modems.




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