Tuesday, November 8, 2016

How To Configure Modem To Work With Mtn, Airtel,Etisalat And Glo

In my last post i talked about how i unlocked my etisalat huawei modem e303 without spending a dime and used my mtn sim to browse in it. And now today i will be discussing with you guys the next step i took to make my mtn Sim browse inside the modem after unlocking it.
though the huawei modem was unlocked and its detecting all network Sims but i haven’t configure the Internet access point that will make it connect to the world wide web. knowing how to do that myself i don’t have to call my friend as i did earlier, all i did was just open the huawei modem software and play through it, and fortunately i got it done.

How To Configure Modem To Work For All Network (MTN, AIRTEL,ETISALAT AND GLO)
I will be using my modem interface as a case study so you guys can grab it so easily.
Firstly open your modem software
Click on Tools >> Options >> Profile Management
When you get to profile management look to the top right hand corner of the modem software and click on NEW
The profile name field and the access point name is where we will be working on.

So in order to configure it for all network, please follow the table below and fill in as appropriate
After you config ure the modem with the above setting as appropriate then click on Save then click on OK .

After saving the new profile, you will be redirected back to your modem connection screen.
From there click on the drop down menu and select the new profile you just created according to your preferred network.
After selecting it now click on the
CONNECT button beside it.

Your modem should now connect to the Internet flawlessly (thats if you have data subscribed on it).
Thats how i did mine, but if you are having issues setting up your modem with other networks please dont be shy or lazy to ask, the comment box is always opened for you to interact




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