Tuesday, November 1, 2016

How To Find Higher Positions Conversion For Content Updates

This question is mainly for people who use HubSpot, but if anyone knows of a work by another platform please let me know!

Tools which I speak:

- HubSpot

- Wordpress

- Google analitico

I have analyzed the content on my company's blog (hosted on WP), and I hit an obstacle in terms of optimization. I went in and Analytics HubSpot and I can not find the data I want:

How to find higher positions conversion for content updates?

For example, I explored HubSpot and all I can find is information on CTAs as "clicks" of each publication, but without presentation or have a new contact.

I can get a list of who has downloaded some of the content of HubSpot, and if they are new or not, but not what publication they became.

So the real question here is: how can you get a list of masses to analyze the conversion of your most effective position for content updates?

Or to put it on stage: to launch an e-book, running 5 posts on your blog to support the content and its aim is to get new and current readers to download your new eBook.

How can you get a list of conversions that link to post more successful than makes readers?

Thank you for all the help!




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