Saturday, November 19, 2016

How to Get a Scammer With This Tips Easily

This post is actually going to explain you how to get a rogue easily!

What You Need To Know

It is easy to get the scammer, go to a neighboring police station, file a complaint, tell them you have to go to your bank to freeze your account, ask police report and then go to your bank with the report Police, narrating everything to them and showing them his police report and statement, the bank will freeze your account and you can ask for details about your home when he knows that his account has been frozen and he wanted him Called to pray, try, it Like I work for me many times

1. Make sure you have the cat screenshot

2. Make sure you have the details of your actual account, do not try anyone else using the details acct

3. Make sure you have the screenshot of the transaction (how you paid) time, date

4. Do not perform transactions on the phone, because there is no evidence, make sure you do it in chat, so you can have proof tests

I hope this #helps 




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