Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Map of Double Data Airtel November 2016 | Get 3GB for 1k | 7FR for 2K | 18GB for 4k

Airtel returns with its double data offer!

If you are an airtel user, you should know that the normal airtel subscription data for 1k give 1.5GB while the 2k airtel packet data plan gives you 3.5GB but instead of getting the normal value data On prices, the value of the data.

How to subscribe to Double Airtel data plan

For the Airtel 3GB data package for 1000 naira - Dial * 496 #

For the Airtel 7GB data offer for 2000 naira - Dial * 437 #

To obtain the data plan for 4000 naira airtel 18GB - Dial * 438 #

Unfortunately, this offer from Airtel does not work in all airtel SIM, it means that you must be qualified by airtel before you can benefit from this offer.

It is the season of call / call obligations so expect more offers as we approach the end of the year.



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