Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note edge start getting the security patch in October in Europe

Samsung began pushing a new update for users of the Galaxy Note Edge which brings with it the security update for October. Regarding size, requires a given approximately 350MB for you to obtain and install this and it is the version of firmware XXU1DPJ1, it also brings some performance improvements and bug fixes on board.

To highlight some of the things that this update changes in the device ensures that the mass lasts longer because it was optimized for certain tasks, it improves stability and ensures that you get a feeling and a smoother performance with the device. than ever before. According to the change log has also been suggested that some changes were made to some key functions in the device as well.

This is an OTA display, people, so do not panic if your notification does not seem fast. Impatient? Go to your Control Panel and manually request a new update.




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