Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Soft Life: Skype Now Allows You To Send Messages Using Siri

Who remembers when you have Skype on your laptop was enough to find someone on the police network. Then our naija Skype was basically considered a fraudulent way debate: when firm believer that Skype was not to chat with friends, but talk of "clients".

Fast forward to today, the weather and the spread of civilization in our society has eroded these unfounded fears. Now there is no security of having a jock my office to Skype on my laptop, and I can make a Skype call without problem through a police checkpoint and not pay over N20 in red"

Skype has been adding features to features, and it feeds to maintain their social space in the field of discussion. Now, Microsoft brings a cool new Skype for iOS update. With this update instead, we see an improvement in the 6.27.1 release, roll in the ability to send messages via Siri, Apple famous wizard's assistant.

"It sends messages from Skype to Skype contacts using Siri", as announced in the change log of the update. And for those of us who watch Apple, we can now courtesy of this update see your latest Skype messages, and favorites on your watch.




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